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Rice Pattern Dinnerware

The quintessential Chinese dinnerware, Rice Pattern, is named as such for the grains of rice that were embedded in the clay before firing.  The intense heat in the kiln destroys the grains and leaves a little translucent "porcelain window" in the final form.  This style of dinnerware has been produced in china since at least 960, during the Song Dynasty.  Canton Home has a full compliment of plates and bowls, cups and saucers, spoons, creamers, sauce dishes and tea sets.  Traditional porcelain dinnerware is naturally dishwasher and microwave safe.
Code Name Image Price  
RAT01 Wicker tea cozy for teapot only $32.95
D137 Rice Pattern Tea Set $31.95
D10837 Sugar & creamer, rice pattern $17.50
D373712 12" oval platter, rice pattern $14.95
D373714 14" oval platter, rice pattern $21.95
D5337 5" teapot, rice pattern $6.95
D6437A Rice pattern teapot with bamboo handles $12.95
D6537 10" bowl, rice pattern $19.95
D6937 Mini tea set, rice pattern $14.95
RB337F Rice pattern bowl $1.45
RB37SL 9" spoon, rice pattern $3.95
RB39S 5" spoon $0.55
D6837 Traditional rice pattern covered tea cup $7.00

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